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Insurance & Benefits Videos


Are You Ready for Retirement?

Preparing for your future is vital and most people have not sufficiently saved or planned for their lives in retirement. An annuity can help to provide the security you need once you stop working

Buying an Annuity

Depending on your situation, an annuity can be a great investment for your future. But is it the right choice for you? Ask yourself these six questions before you invest

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a type of investment that can help support you after retirement. Do you know the difference between an immediate and a deferred annuity? Learn more in this informative video. Spokesmerson: Richard Allridge, Certified Financil Planner

Is an Annuity Right for You?

Do you know where your income is going to come from once you stop working? And will it last for the rest of your lifetime? An annuity may be a good option for securing your financial future. Spokespersons: Margaret Dettinger, Retiree; Dr. Steven Weisbart, Insurance Information Institute; Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute

Fixed vs. Variable Annuities

Insurance IQ: Retirement

Are you ready for retirement? Many people do not understand annuities or how much money they should save for retirement. This important information can help you live out your life comfortably

Motor & Recreational Vehicles

Air Bags: Potential Dangers to Your Children

Air bags save lives and prevent injuries, but they can also be deadly to young children and infants. Learn ways to eliminate these risks and keep your family safe. Spokespersons: Dr. Till Jolley, Emergency Room Physician; Brian O’Neil, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Ask an Insurance Question

Common questions about insurance relating to college students, rental cars, updating your policy and more.

Car Breakdown Safety

Breaking down on a busy road can be dangerous and every year people are hurt or even killed while repairing their cars or waiting for assistance. Follow these simple guidelines to prevent such roadside risks. Spokespersons: Lon Anderson, American Automobile Association; Sgt. Greg Vanleer, Virginia State Police

Jet Ski Safety

Fun and fast, jet skis are a popular recreational vehicle. But they can also be dangerous to both the driver and others in the water. Learn how to keep everyone safe and happy in the water. Spokespersons: Commander Tom Martin; U. S. Coast Guard; Michael McCarten; Insurance Agent; John Birkinbine, Personal Watercraft Industry Association

School Bus Safety

Teaching your children a few simple guidelines about the school bus will keep them out of harm's way and get them home safe and sound. Spokespersons: Carl Baskerville, Elementary school principal; Dr. Ricardo Martinez, Administrator, National Highway Trafic Safety Administration

Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Childproofing Your Home

Every year, five million infants and children are injured, sometimes even fatally, in their own homes. Find out how to best childproof your house and make it safe for your children. Spokespersons: Dr. Heather Paul, National Safe Kids Campaign; Bonnie Greenbert, Psychologist.

Spring Cleaning Your Home

Regular maintenance on the exterior of your home can save you thousands in repairs later. Use this checklist to prevent damage and save yourself money and headaches

Are You Underinsured?

Do you have enough insurance coverage to completely rebuild your home? Have you talked with your agent recently to update your policy? Don't wait until disaster strikes to find out you're underinsured. Stay current on your policy and keep yourself protected. Spokespersons: Tom Stobbs, homeowner; Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute; Candysse Miller, Insurance Information Network of California.

Renters Insurance

If you rent a house or apartment, your possessions are NOT covered under your landlord's policy. Having renters insurance can protect your belongings and give you peace of mind. Spokespersons: Jim Eury, landlord; Bill Baily, Insurance Information Institute

Home Inventory Software

Know Your Stuff® is the Insurance Information Institute's online home inventory software. This application makes creating and updating your home inventory easy. And with our free, secure online storage you will have access to your inventory anywhere, any time. You never know when a disaster may strike - but you can be prepared with a home inventory

Making Your Home More Hurricane Resistant

Hurricanes can damage and even destroy your home with fierce winds and rain. Here are five steps to fortify your home in preparation for a major storm. Spokespersons: Tim Reinhold, Institute for Business and Home Safety; Jeanne M. Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute

Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dogs may be man's best friend, but as an owner you are liable if your pet bites or attacks another person or animal. A well-trained dog is the best way of protecting yourself, and those around you. Spokespersons: Chuch Fritzell, National Association of Independent Insurers; Ken Garvey, Dog Trainer; Ginger Notache, Dog Trainer

Bicycle Safety

Two out of three bicycle injuries involve children and some of these accidents result in death. Wearing a helmet and having a properly maintained bike can greatly reduce your child's risk of injury. Learn more about how to keep your child riding safely. Spokespersons: Sue Guzman, Brain Injury Association; Dr. Howard Benesohm, Psychologist

Boat Theft

More than 1,000 boats are stolen every month. If you are a boat owner, learn some easy and effective ways to protect your craft from theft. Spokespersons: Robert Bryant, National Insurance Crime Bureau; Lt. Lee Polfray, Marine Investigator

Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance can help give beloved animals longer and happier lives. Learn how to get the right kind of coverage for your furry friend. Spokespersons: Jim Gilespi, Dog Owner; Dr. Sharon Kessler, Veterinarian

Tax Deductible Losses

Some losses suffered due to a disaster could be tax deductible. Find out whether your situation might qualify in this video

New College Graduates

A young person fresh out of college faces many financial questions and challenges. Learn some basics about insurance and how to protect yourself--and save some money--as you begin a new life. Spokespersons: Chryssa Bell, new college graduate; Athena Argyropoulos, Career Counselor; Tod Miller, Independent Insurances Agents of America

Test Your Insurance IQ: Bicycle Insurance

Over one million bicycles are stolen every year, but many people don't even know whether their bikes are covered by their insurance. What happens if you injure someone in a bike accident and they sue? Are you protected? Find out by watching this video

Test Your Insurance IQ: College Students

When students leave home for college, they take along their laptops, myriad electronic devices and other valuables--but are they covered by insurance?

Test Your Insurance IQ: Travel Insurance

Vacations are precious escapes, but they can also be expensive and subject to disaster. Travel insurance can provide some useful protection—find out whether it's right for you


Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

An auto accident is a terrible experience, but it's important to gather all the necessary information in order to be able file your claim. Here are five steps to follow to make the claims process easier and quicker.

Steps for Filing a Homeowners Claim

What is the best way to file a claim? Following these steps can help you navigate the claims process efficiently and get the most out of your policy

Filing a Homeowners Claim

Suffering damage or losing your home due to a disaster can be an overwhelming event. However, there are steps you can take to ensure an efficient claims process. Spokespersons: Sharon Williams, Homeowner; Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute

Business Insurance

Personal Stories: The Hodas, Checking Policies Regularly

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Gene Hoda recommends checking insurance policies regularly to make sure you have enough coverage.

Personal Stories: Joy Hoda, Business Interruption Insurance

Joy Hoda is the owner of a Dairy Queen in Mississippi which was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina. She says Business Interruption Insurance provided her with the cash she needed to meet her payroll while the damage was being repaired, and money equaling the profits that she would have lost while her business was down for 23 days. She believes this type of insurance is crucial for small businesses which face many natural and man-made disasters.

Personal Stories: The Hodas Discuss Coverage for Their Poll

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Joy Hoda notes that she did not have enough coverage for her business’s poll sign.

Protecting Your Home Business

Owners of in-home businesses should have adequate insurance coverage. Find out how to protect your business and employees when working out of your home. Spokespersons: Ginger Polansky, Business Owner; Karen Stallings, Insurance Agent.

Business Owners Policies

Do you know what a "BOP" is? Are you covered under your insurance if you have to move or shut down your business after a disaster? If you own your own business, test yout knowledge by watching this video.

Wedding Insurance

The most magical day of your life warrants a re-evaluation of your insurance needs. Learn how to get coverage for the big day and plan for a bright future with your honey. Spokespersons: Carol Marino, Wedding Consultant; Amy Gergely, Independent Insurance Agents of America

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Do you know the difference between Term and Whole life insurance? Permanent versus Variable policies? Make sure you understand the basics about life

Finding a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Trying to locate a missing life insurance policy? Valuable tips on how to track down this important document

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Due to old age, mental or physical illness, or injury, some people find themselves in need of help with the basics actions of everyday life. Long-term care insurance covers you for this and lifts the burden of care from yourself and your loved ones

Credit-Based Insurance Scores

A good credit rating can mean paying lower premiums on your insurance. Learn how credit-based insurance scores work. Spokespersons: Lamont Boyd, Fair, Isaac & Co.; Susan Grant, National Consumers League; P.J. Crowley, Insurance Information Institute

College Students and Credit

College life can be expensive, and for many freshmen the first time they are responsible for their own finances. Students should develop responsible credit card and bill paying habits early on, to avoid trouble later. Spokespersons: Sarina Marshall, College Administrator, University of Maryand; Linda Goladner, National Consumers League; James Godfrey, Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Workers’ Compensation

History of Workers’ Compensation


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