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Save Money On Your Natural Gas and Electric Bill

What is an ESCO?  

In the mid 1990’s many States signed into law what amounted to the deregulation  of the public energy utilities. 

This introduced Energy Service Companies or ESCO’s in those markets and allowed consumers the option to choose where they purchase their energy supply.  As a result, it is now possible to take advantage of this competitive market to lower your energy bills.


Advantages of using an ESCO:

1. Average savings for our customers are 10 to 15%     

2. No fee to sign up 


3. Still receive same electric / gas from utility 


4. Still receive one bill from utility 


5. Nothing changes for you except you save money  


What we do

In order to keep costs down we identify your historical energy usage requirements and perform an analysis to identify areas where we can reduce consumption. Once we have identified the usage patterns, we perform a further analysis to provide recommendations toward improving your efficiencies, whether that be through building controls, equipment upgrades, high efficiency lighting, among other practices. Once we have helped reduce the amount of consumption, we move toward helping improve your procurement costs. Through our existing relationships and economies of scale, we are able to consistently beat the market, and help our clientele stretch their energy dollar.

How the Process Works

Because of our extensive market experience we are able to identify the widest range of reputable suppliers. We shop the entire ESCO marketplace for our clients and then present them with the best fixed rate available for a 12, 24, or 36 month period. This is a guaranteed rate that will not fluctuate.

Advantages of using an ESCO for the client:

The main advantage of using an ESCO is that it offers budget stability and certainty. There is no monthly fluctuation of the electric and/or gas supply rate.


Once a client is signed up there is no servicing required.

Advantages of using an ESCO for the broker:

Recap of benefits of using an ESCO:

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Group Coverage, Inc. Energy Program - ESCO’s

What we need:

A complete copy of a current bill–the more the better.

We then market the account out to the entire ESCO market to provide the best available fixed rate quote for a 12, 24, or 36 month period.

This rate, unlike utilities variable rates, is locked-in and will not change which allows for budget certainty.

Group Coverage, Inc. will guide you and/or your clients through the process.

For More Information:

Call Kevin Marty at 516-396-8338 or

E-mail him at kevin@groupcoverage.net

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