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Enrollment Meetings

Whether your scheduling an enrollment meeting for an insurance carrier or for an agency or brokerage, our professional enrollers are available in most states and understand the business as they typically average over 10 years in the health insurance industry.  Best of all, normally we can arrange meetings within days notice, so if time is of the essence, chances are we can accommodate

The Planning Process

A successful enrollment meeting starts with good preparation.  To ensure this, we take the time before the meeting starts to plan the presentation with the meeting organizer.  

This Involves

Preparing the necessary documents, such as the enrollment kits, quotes, presentation material, contribution amounts, and any other informative documents.  

Booking travel and hotel accommodations along with any catering requirements

Mapping destinations between meetings to maximize time efficiencies

Role playing and timing the presentation to allow for questions and form completions

And most Importantly, learning the material being presented

The Presentation


Prior to the presentation, the enrollers generally setup the meeting areas to specifications of the organizers.  Generally, the documents and presentation materials are distributed or made available for quick and easy circulation.  

The Meeting Begins

We have the ability to record either by video or audio the meeting to distribute afterwards either by webinars or through other electronic channels.  So this step is options, but the preparation process is crucial to provide this service.

The enroller then introduces him or herself and with the organizer’s permission will update the meeting members on changes within the industry.  Usually a brief overview on any carrier and regulatory changes are presented during this time.

The materials are then administered and the coverage explained.  

We have found that real life examples assist in the explanation process so when needed, the enrollers usually have examples to illustrate important points.  Don’t worry, names are never disclosed so HIPAA compliance is maintained.


The Q & A Session

Probably the most important part of the meeting is the feedback given at the end. This is the time that the meeting organizers and the decision makers learn the most about the needs of the members.  

If made available, our enrollers take detailed notes on the general and specific needs and concerns of the meeting attendees.  Again we pay close attention to the privacy laws so we don’t discuss any specific medical questions during the group presentation.  We defer these questions to be addressed privately or refer them to an authorized carrier representative.  And only those questions related to the coverage being presented will be answered as we make no warranties provide claims acceptance or eligibility.  


The Form Completion Process

Often times, the meeting attendees have questions or need assistance with the enrollment forms.  More often than not, the attendees prefer to bring the enrollment material home.  Either way, we ordinarily review the various enrollment material and forms and if time allows will assist the attendees with any issues they may have completing the forms.  We will then direct them to forward the forms to the appropriate parties.  This process can be held in tandem with the questions and answers session.  

The Follow Up

We like feedback.  After all, we need know how we did and  deserve a pat on the back if we did a good job.  So we first ask the attendees, ‘how did we do?’  After that, we generally follow up with the meeting organizer or any chaperone that was in attendance.  Most of the time, we wait a day or two to allow for any delay in attendee feedback.  This information is then shared with all interested parties.  


Types of Enrollment Meetings

Benefit Meetings Including -

Group Health Insurance & Plans

Dental Insurance and Plans

Group Life and Disability

Pension Plans & 401k’s

Ancillary Lines

Vision Plans

Work-Site Programs

Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s)

Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA’s)

How do we get compensated?

We get paid several ways -

First, by the number of attendees

Second, by the number of attendees enrolling

Third, by time and expenses - hourly or by the day

Forth, on a per employee per month basis

Fifth, based on a commission split

The point is, we are flexible with our payment arrangements as our goal is to maintain a continued business arrangement.



Due to the complexity of certain products that offer tax advantages or incentives, we generally refer certain types of issues or questions to the attendees tax or legal council.  Please note that we make no warrantees or representations on any claims issues nor do we attempt to guide any attendee on the claims process unless it is within the scope of the meeting and the material being presented.  The material presented must be approved by an authorized member of the organizer’s team.  We also assume no liability for information provided that is not correct or for any changes that would result in claims being denied.  We also assume no liability for false or misleading material, any HIPAA violations, or any personal infringement liability claims.  Finally, we assume no liability for poor attendee turnout or poor participation.